Cooler Master Elite V3 MPW-6001-ACABN1 Alimentation 600W ATX 12V – Gamer

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  • Alimentation 600W
  • Conforme au dernier standard Intel ATX 12V v2.31
  • Active PFC et PWM : performances et stabilité
  • Silencieuse avec ventilateur HDB 120mm (33.2 dBA à 100%)
  • Ecologique : certification ErP 2013 Lot6
  • MTBF > 100 000 heures
  • Multiples protections (OCP / OVP / UVP / SCP / OPP)

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Idéale pour tout type de PC

Dispose de nombreuses connectiques qui permettont de la rendre compatible avec de nombreux types de configurations, allant du PC bureautique à la machine gaming avec une ou plusieurs cartes graphiques. Dans le détail, elle dispose :

  • D’un connecteur 20+4 Broches de 50 cm et d’un 8 broches processeur (scindable en 4+4) de 60 cm de longeur
  • D’un cordon de 75 cm muni de 3 connecteur Molex et d’un connecteur disquette
  • De deux câbles d’alimentation SATA avec 3 connecteurs chacun (65 cm)
  • De deux connectiques PCIe 8 broches (6+2) pour alimenter une ou deux cartes graphiques

The new ATX 600W COOLERMASTER Elite V3 black power supply is a very reliable option for the PC user. The 120 mm silent fan, PCI-E bracket and 2-year global warranty provide a power supply with features and endurance you can count on. It is the perfect choice for users and applications that do not require 80 Plus efficiency to get the job done. This power supply has been designed to provide reliability with a focus on reducing random stops in low temperature conditions when power supplies are unstable. The Elite V3 is a complete solution that offers great stability in a small package at an affordable price. 75% OF EFFICIENCY The efficiency of your power supply unit is important because it directly affects the performance of your system and your energy bill. The efficiency rating does not reflect the quality or reliability of a power supply. It only reflects the unit s ability to move energy from the wall to its components. The higher the efficiency of a power supply, the lower the total amount of energy it needs to power your system. The new Elite V3 series has a typical guaranteed efficiency of 75%. ACTIVE FEED FACTOR CORRECTION A power supply unit operates by taking power directly from the wall or other fixed power source, converting it to the correct output required by the connected components, and then distributing that power to those components. If any part of this process is interrupted or executed incorrectly, the connected components and the PSU may be damaged. The active PFC uses a circuit to correct the power factor leading to a reduction in total harmonics, corrected AC input voltage and higher overall efficiency output. HIGHER TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE The new Elite V3 has a maximum operating temperature of 40°C. That s at the level of many 80 Plus certified power supply units on the market today. This higher operating temperature allows you to safely power your system in warmer environments without having to worry about the system overheating or shutting down unexpectedly. The increased heat resistance also reduces temperature-based wear, increasing the life of the unit by a significant amount.

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